What is the Physical Mind: Brain Work and Cell Memory

What is the Physical Mind

QUESTION: Do False concepts (thinking) about the world and ourselves, judgments and so on.. come from our Physical Mind? Divine principle says, that our Physical Mind controls desires for sleep,eat,comfort and sex. How can Physical Mind produce thinking of that dimension? Or it comes from some evil spirit?

There is nothing inherently evil about the physical mind. It is created to respond naturally to the spirit mind. The reversal of dominion over the spiritual mind is unnatural state for the physical mind. There are reasons and forces keeping it in that position (Study DP), yet, this automatically produces FPF centered on Satan - the Evil Mind.

The violation of love in the first family (Adam and Eve), left humanity in immature spiritual state. Because of that men, who was supposed to be owner of the creation, became unable to control even his own body. (See people controlled by cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, physical desires). That is the struggle between Mind and Body. In fact, this struggle is inside the Mind itself; between the Spirit Mind an the Physical mind. Each having different desires.

Correct ORDER:     God  -    Spirit Mind (S) - Physical Mind (O) -  Body 
Reversed ORDER:  Satan - Body -  Physical Mind (S) - Spirit Mind (O) / (God cut off)
The correct order was; God - Spirit Mind (S) - Physical Mind (O) -Body. But now we have everything reversed; Satan controls the Body. The body subjugates pushes the Physical Mind against the Spirit. Thus Physical Mind stands as (Subject) over the Spirit Mind (Object), Consequently God is cut off, unable to do anything.

The history of restoration was a long process of restoring the position of the spirit mind as a subject (Process called in DP, 'Subjugation of Satan' - which means that the battle is within our own minds, not outside.) To show visibly the principles of that invisible, inner restoration, God used the Cain-Able process.

So let us study what is the Physical Mind: Physical mind has few components: The brain, the nervous system etc... including all the cell memory (DP has a chart, where it explain how the commands from the brain are transmitted through the nervous system to each cell of the body). But let us go deeper and study these components, which will give us a deeper insight on how spirits attach and control the physical mind through the body.

1. Cell Memory in our Physical Mind

The Cell memory itself stores information about all past deeds, habits, experiences.. If they were wrong we end up to being controlled by them; thus Physical Mind ends up controlling the Spiritual Mind. And yes, evil spirits use that base in our bodies to influence us.

TF explains in CSG, that we have over 6 billion cells all connected to our ancestors. Each child takes some part of the ancestry memory, he explains. In that view, you can understand how God was constantly separating good and evil, placing the Abel-type ancestors and the Cain-type ancestors' characteristics (memory) into different children, and working to expand the good. Read, DNA - ANTENNA TO THE SPIRIT

Science now found, that on quantum level all the past experiences of our ancestors are stored in our cell memory (quantum field). When we take a decisions the subconscious will check all that memory base, of past experiences, and take the decision based on that data base. We only presume that we make conscious choices.

Our choices, desires, actions are mostly dominated by what is stored in our subconscious. But the conscious part of the brain will make logical excuses and explanations of all that. Not knowing the real internal reasons, it ends up making false conclusions, ending in producing false philosophy. 

That's the common base with our ancestors; If they had such wrong experiences and false concepts, and we have stored this same base in our cell memory, they can come and trigger it. That's why Dr. Lee explains, that Evil Angels mobilize our own ancestors to come and influence us do evil and harm us. 

How that works? When Ancestor with evil desires come in our presence, the common base in our cell memory get's activated. If we know The Principle well, we will recognize those desires as wrong and overcome them. You see, that's Returning Resurrection. But if we fail, we repeat the same wrong actions that brought them in Hell, under the control of these evil angels. So we end up controlled by Satan on earth. In the spirit world we will play the same role of evil spirits for our descendants.

2. The Brain as a part of the Physical Mind

Through the nervous system each cell of the body is connected to the Brain. The brain is also part of the physical mind. The most recent studies on the brain describe it as having 3 parts; Analytical brain, Emotional brain and Automatic brain. Let us see how each one of them can align with the spirit mind or subjugate it.

Analytical (Critical) Brain
Emotional (Chemical) Brain
Automatic (Autopilot) Brain

They are created to be governed and work in unity with the 3 main functions of our spirit; Intellect, Emotions and Will. Our spirit on it's side is endowed with sensitivity to God's Intellect, Emotion and Will. Thus a perfected individual is mature to govern and control his physical mind, not the other way around - ending imprisoned and controlled by it.

- The Analytical Brain 

The Analytical Brain works through neurological connections. No sense of right and wrong. Once you connect certain person or circumstances with certain conclusion and emotions there is material neurological connection between the neurons. So it get's fixed substantially. 

It is a lot like programming; once programmed this way, it will work only this way. You may not like that you feel this way in such circumstances, but it's already programmed by you or past generations. To change that it needs reprogramming. So wrong connections can start dominating your mind and imprison your spirit. 

Your brain can create neurological prison for you. Cycling a problem in your head can reinforce more and more the strength of these wrong connection until it finally dominates your mind - becomes so difficult to escape. (Example SC)

- The Chemical Brain

This part of the brain produces chemistry to recreate certain feelings in the body through chemical molecules. This is great! Our spirit learns emotions through the body until our spiritual heart is developed. Once we mature our spirit dominates this chemistry. But is we are immature, the chemistry will start controlling us.

For example, meeting a new person releases chemistry of attraction in our brain. Their purpose is to create relationships, but when immature people confuse them with love, they get addicted to falling in love, braking again and again their relationships in search of a new person. It's chemical addiction, not love. This way they will destroy their lives and that of people they relate to.

Brain scans show, that if we stay long enough under certain feelings, the brain will become adapted to producing that particular chemistry. Than it will resist our wish to change unwanted emotional states like; depression, anger, nervousness, resentment. Thus, from simple mood swings, gradually they can turn into temperament and finally become our personality (Our identity for eternity). Meaning, the spirit's identity becomes patterned by the physical mind, never grew up beyond.

- The Automatic Brain 

This will part of the brain is wonderful. It allows us to learn new skills. Once something get repeated enough times it becomes automatic; like ten-finger typing for example. Than you can use that skill and be free to do and learn so many other things. This is amazing! But what happens when we repeat enough times some bad relationship? It becomes automatic, so each time we face similar situation the Automatic Brain switches on autopilot and repeats the same on autopilot. We have no control, now the habit controls us.

'As long as our spirit mind and physical mind are under the bondage of Satan, the functioning entity they form through their give and take action is called the evil mind. The evil mind continually drives people to do evil. Our original mind and conscience direct us to repel the evil mind. They guide us in desperate efforts to reject evil desires and cling to goodness by breaking our ties with Satan and turning to face God.' DP

From all this we can clearly understand what perfection means. We can even evaluate ourselves, how much we are controlled by the physical mind, or we are grown up spiritually. Communism, Humanism, SC Resentment ... are pure examples of people imprisoned under the Physical Mind.. The more imprisoned, the more evil and more controlled by evil spirits. But please check also how the Heart Resonance influences our life.

First learn the difference between how Spirit Mind works and how Physical Mind works. They have different desires, different objectives. One see always externally, the other always internally.

Physical Mind doesn't know God, doesn't know the spirit world, nor the Truth - so it always gets confused, doubting, fearing, opposing the spirit mind. Only the Spirit Mind can relate to God, spirit world and the Truth. It never doubts, never gets confused, never fears, but always peaceful and loving.

Only knowing the Principle well can give us power to block Satan. Thus we will be able to feel and perceive directly God's Heart and Will. Because our spirit mind is where God dwells, so it always knows the answer of every question. Knowledge is not a problem, when our spirit mind is free. Read more

The Four Fallen Natures (Humanism)

The Fallen Natures are automatic result of the Physical Mind becoming a Subject - improper, reversed position, allowing Satan to work. Humanist philosophy is a result of the Physical Mind logic developed throughout history. It's philosophy excusing the reversal of dominion on all levels. Therefore, Satan's philosophy.

(1) Ph.M. does not see God's view coming through the Sp.M. and automatically rejects it.
(2) Ph.M. thus leaves its position of Object to the Sp.M
(3) Ph.M rejects Sp.M. view and goes against it (Excuses - philosophizing it)
(4) Ph.M. multiplies evil, by propagating this Satanic philosophy (against Sp.M. and God)

Thus, the purpose of Restoration is to liberate the Spiritual Mind, teach the Physical Mind the Truth, so it can understand and obey the Sp.M. instead of going against it. Thus, God will be liberated to work freely with such people, while Satan will become powerless (without Objects to work through). Man's Original Nature will be liberated.


  1. Thank you for more explanations, Yulian! I found out myself, that subconsciously I kept dividing science and religion...Such concepts as DNA, chemical emotions of the brain and others were stored in my mind labeled "science" and I would not imagine to relate to it in connection to faith, truth and spiritual matters! :)) But now I understand more how God created the world. That the feelings, intellect and will of our Spirit is supposed to be transmitted to our physical Emotions, Intellect and Will and dominate it and even teach it how to behave ( that become a good "habit"). While bad habit is some actions produced by physical mind, dominating the Spirit. I understood that those wrong thinking, attitudes, reactions are inherited from our lineage through DNA of our brain. And while we start seeing the truth, the ability to surpass and change that thinking comes....And talking about restoring our original self and our personality, my question is how to achieve unity with God's heart..Of course, we have ability to feel the pain and suffering of others, especially those experiencing extreme difficulties, but how to be able to connect in heart with those, who are "just normal ordinary" people. People like that are majority of this world. They live normal lives, caring for their families, and have few interest for a higher expression of truth, God's will and their role in it. How to save those people? What i mean feeling the same urge to save them as True Mother means when she asks us to restore 7.5 billion of the world? thank you very much

    1. Nice comment. Yet, I think you still separate Faith and Real life. They are not separated. People have families and want to learn how to solve problems. If you understand DP well, you can help them so much. They will be so grateful and practice it. You see DP is not religion (faith).. it's real life solution.

      What about health? Illness is result of spiritual problems. People yearn to understand and solve these problems. I constantly help them. People want to get rid of these sicknesses and DP (UT) helps explain and solve everything. Problem is when we don't understand DP on practical level. Have to learn!


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