DNA - Antenna to the Spirit

"We are a physical manifestation of a spiritual being"
DNA - 
Antenna to the Spirit
YuliUTS / Unification Research
Research shows six levels in our DNA codes. They correspond to the level of spiritual development. The man who unlocks them all can bring peace and unity to the world. His DNA transmits info to unlock our own way to perfection.

The latest study on DNA explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing and much more. Research shows DNA follows the models of human grammar and works as a holographic computer. DNA reacts to words and information. It attracts information from the cosmos and passes it on to our consciousness.
"We are physical manifestation of a spiritual being.. Matter is organism.. God is the subprime conductor singing love song to his creation" Len Horowitz
Two separate studies proved that our emotions directly affect the world around us. In the presence of positive emotions, the coils of the DNA relaxed. In the presence of negative emotions, the DNA tightened. But also scientists observed the effect of DNA on our physical world. When human DNA was inserted into a vacuum, the light photons stopped their random movement and precisely followed the geometry of the DNA. This is a new field of energy that connects everything. These experiments prove our emotions affect our DNA, and our DNA affects our physical world. Therefore, our emotions physically change the world around us.

Words and emotions have certain vibrations, that affect our DNA. Therefore, words, thoughts and emotions can heal or bring illness. Love has a resonance of 528 Hz. These vibrations can heal and unlock unused structures in our DNA. And the opposite, negative thinking destroys our DNA structures and is the cause of sickness. Most people live with resonance under 200. This means, their DNA codes are unlocked only to that level. The levels in our DNA are gradually unlocked in accordance with our vibrational frequency level. See, Resonance of Heart Chart

DNA: Antenna to Spiritual Information

Activate the light of your spirit to unleash your full human potential.

Scientists discovered that DNA works like an antenna. The waves of every person affect the DNA of those around them. In this sense, being around a person with a higher level of heart unlocks new codes in our DNA, allowing us a new level of spiritual growth.

Our DNA works most efficiently in calm (state of love, prayer, meditation), but inefficiently under stress. To develop the ability to love, feel empathy, etc. a child has to absorb it from the environment, through its DNA. This will unlock its own genetic potential of deep love, empathy and compassion. The problem was that since Adam and Eve there were no perfected parents. No parents ever had all these levels unlocked, thus no one was able to transmit that frequency to his children. Bible says that we all carry the fallen gene inherited from the first human ancestors. Not only that, but the way to perfection was locked genetically.

In this light, we can understand the mission of the Messiah. This is the one whose lineage is enough cleansed to be able to grow and reach perfection. Thus, having his own DNA unlocked, he is to help humanity unlock the DNA codes in us that were blocked because of the Fall. Here we can understand the importance of the Blessing, as a means to engraft to his lineage and get access to the genetic potential of perfection.

Now more and more people use the 'Muscle test' to obtain information from their subconscious. A study on frequency will soon open our understanding of the spirit world. Learning to talk to our inner self will inevitably lead humanity to unification, once the full potential of our DNA is being unlocked. The Unification Principle explains that now is the time to restore our original state as perfect human beings. Read, Frequency of Growth

Six Levels of our DNA
Become Peacemaker and Unificationist. That unlocks our Original Nature and true potential as human beings

The research shows six coded levels in our DNA, that are getting unlocked one after another. The first 3 correspond to the maturation of our physical mind; while the next 3 groups of DNA codes are connected to the development of our spirit - the spiritual mind. When we unlock all of them we become capable of full unity between mind and body.

What level of DNA are being unlocked determines the type of the person? They correspond to the level of spiritual development of that person. Thus, DNA proves, both mind and body undergo 3 stage process of maturation; formation, growth and completion.

PHYSICAL LEVEL CODES (Physical Mind Development)
1 level: Survival - connected to the lowest instincts for survival; Sex and Money.
2 level: Pleasure - connected to drinking, eating and parties.
3 level: Power - put self over others; leadership and dominion. 

SPIRITUAL LEVEL CODES (Spirit Mind Development)
4 level: Love - (horizontal) to serve and feel compassion - Empathy.
5 level: Truth - (vertical) sense the truth, strength to follow it / not judging, not influenced by opinion 
6 level: Unification - to develop will and spirit, to feel and achieve unity with others.

Notice that people who unlocked their DNA mainly on level 1 will be dominated by their sexual instincts; on level 2 by drinking and food; on level 3 one may become a psychopath dictator, on level 4 one will be humanist (empathy with no vertical norms); on level 5 universal moral values will prevail over humanistic (self-centered values).

Presently we see humanity woven in the conflict between level 4 and level 5. Humanism and materialism are in a bitter cultural war against the vertical values, faith and family. Humanity lacks someone mature enough to be in the position of parent and unifier, which unlocks the level 6.

However, level 6 is the one that hasn't been unlocked ever in human history until the appearance of the True Parents. Jesus was probably the only person who reached that level, but he was killed. How sad that Jesus could not transmit the purified lineage (DNA), nor unlock these codes in his followers. His time on earth was too short and he could not establish a restored family and conceive children of God's lineage; genetically free from Satan's influence.

How do we know if one reached that level? He will become Unifier and Peacemaker on all levels; he will open the way for the mind and body unity, husband and wife unity, unity among religions, nations and races. Thus a new world will start growing from that one restored seed. 

This is the level of the Messiah (The prophesied Peacemaker). And I know of no one else on that level in human history, but Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Dr. Moon's teachings and life-work reflect the fact that he is on that level. He teaches all how to reach it; how to create mind/body unity; build a harmonious marriage and love all people beyond religion, race and nationality. This explains why he was blessing millions of couples.

If the Fall had not happened, each person naturally would have undergone simultaneous maturation of his mind and body, unlocking all these 6 levels until the age of 21. On this base perfected families, tribes, societies and nations will emerge. Now we testify this happening for the first time in history. Read, The Model for the IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

Len Horowitz – DNA is a Torsion Field Antenna

The DNA Phantom Effect

In the early 1990s, the Russian Academy of Sciences reported a startling relationship between DNA and the qualities of light, measured as photons. The leading expert in the field of quantum biology, Dr. Vladimir Poponin discovered that human DNA directly affects the physical world through a new and previously unknown field connecting the two.

In the presence of genetic material, the scattered light particles began to fall into a new pattern. The DNA was clearly influencing the photons, as if shaping them into the regularity of a wave pattern through an invisible force.

As they removed the DNA from the chamber the particles of light were behaving "surprisingly and counter-intuitively." Did the DNA leave something behind, a residual force of some kind, that lingered long after the biological material had disappeared?
The new phenomenon was named the "DNA phantom effect." Poponin's "new field structure" sounds surprisingly similar to the "matrix" of Max Planck's force and the effects suggested in ancient traditions.

This series of experiments clearly demonstrates under laboratory conditions the effect of prayer in our physical world. DNA was more or less a passive collection of molecules unattached to the brain of a conscious living being.

The average-sized person has many trillions of cells in his or her body. If each cell, each antenna of feeling and emotion within an individual, carries the same properties affecting the world around them, how much is the effect amplified? 

Now, rather than random feelings coursing through the cells of that one person, what happens if the feeling is a result of a specific form of thought and emotion, regulated as prayer? Multiply the effects of this one individual, empowered through a specific mode of prayer, by even a fraction of the 6 billion or so people in our world today, and we begin to get a sense of the power inherent in our collective will. It is the power to end all suffering and avert the pain that has been the hallmark of the twentieth century. The key is that we must work together to achieve such a goal.

The most sensitive devices of our time now measure fields of energy that we did not even acknowledge fifty years ago. Science has now validated the relationship of which the ancients reminded us over two thousand years ago. This is the language to move mountains. It is the same language that allows us to choose life over cancerous tumors, and create peace in situations where we may believe that peace does not exist. The miraculous outcomes are already here; we are simply asked to choose them.

Understanding the power of thought, each moment of life becomes a prayer. We now feel empowered to choose new conditions in place of those that have caused suffering in the past. Sciences has shown what power we actually have, once we focus our thoughts and feelings for a good purpose.

We are capable of beautiful dreams, great possibilities, and unspoken depths of love. Perhaps most important, we can end the suffering and bring peace. That possibility is already here. The moment we allow for such possibilities on a mass scale becomes the first moment of new hope. Read, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

Notes: DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is one of nature’s greatest inventions. DNA is one of the core building blocks of life, because it contains the codes to project energy into matter. In cells, DNA stores the codes of life, allowing our body to function properly. Besides containing the codes of life, DNA also contains the digital data imprints of the other living portions of our identities in other space-time continua. In other words, DNA is not bound to linear time and local space. With further research, scientists will one day discover that DNA is one of the key elements that create the external reality. 

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