Science of the Heart: The Magnetic Field of Love

Science of the Heart 
Heart's Quantum Mystery is that it acts like a Magnetic Field of Love. Once we are connected to God's love, everyone in touch with us is raised to these high vibrations

Over the past 18 years, research centers investigated Heart - Brain interactions; how the heart and the brain interact with each other.. and how that affects consciousness and our perceptions. 

It appears that worries, fears, negativity and bad relations.. store as negative frequency in our body. Love and good acts are recorded as a field of healthy, positive frequency. This is physical energy, with certain resonance. Think, Vitality Elements that store and build our spirit, depending on our good or bad actions. 
"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness." Sun Myung Moon, On Spiritual Help
These stored frequencies are the origin of our state of health or sickness. Not only that, but this quantum-energy-field attracts good or bad situations in our life, depending on its frequency.  Many like me can feel it and heal it, for we are the lords of God's Creation, created to live in joy and love. 
"Space and Time are able to change depending on the level of human vibrations, quickly moving from one dimension to another." Heart Resonance 
In the state of Coherence; feeling love, compassion, care, appreciation... the heart beats out a very different message. Think of it as a radio field that can tune and connects us to different spiritual realms. This emotional information is encoded in the radio fields radiated in the surrounding. With a high, harmonious-loving resonance we are able to heal, liberate trapped emotions, heal relationships. This is so easy now in the Age of CIG.

In this chart, you can see that the center of our spirit mind is the Heart, where we should be one with God. The heart expresses through the Intellect, Emotions and Will (functions of our spirit). As a result, pre-energy is generated, that projects in our spiritual and finally in the physical surrounding. This physical projection reflects the Spiritual Heart and can now be measured by science. See the chart below.

The human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body. This electromagnetic field envelops the entire body extending out in all directions, and it can be measured up to several feet outside of the body. Yes, we are interconnected and influence each other through this field.
"The most powerful force in the world is love, and the most fearful thing is a mind and body united... Each life form in the world seeks to connect itself with that which gives it the most love." Sun Myung MoonAs a peace-loving global citizen, p. 36
Research from the Institute of HeartMath shows that this emotional information is encoded in this energetic field. HeartMath researchers have also seen that as we consciously focus on feeling a positive emotion - such as care, appreciation, compassion or love - it has a beneficial effect on our own health and well-being, and can have a positive effect on those around us.

The Chart of Heart Resonance: Our emotional resonance connects us with different spiritual realms


Completion stage of Love, Joy and Peace is where one's heart resonance reaches 500 to 600. That's the level of altruistic, sacrificial and unconditional giving of love. Nothing to do with selfish love and joy. A persona at resonance of 500 (Love) can positively change the frequency of 70 000 other people. One person at the vibration of 600 (Peace) can affect 10 million people. Person with vibration of 700 can positively impact 70 million people. That shows, that you can influence your environment, you can actually change the World.
"The day will come when the truth will be known and the message of love will be taught." Sun Myung Moon
The day will come when the truth will be known and the message of love will be taught. On that day, their regret will be deep. Sun Myung Moon
Read more at:
The day will come when the truth will be known and the message of love will be taught. On that day, their regret will be deep. Sun Myung Moon
Read more at:
We could always sense that True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is at that higher resonance of heart, connected to God. That's why our Original Mind felt so free in his presence. For this purpose, Rev. Moon said, "If there are 12 people who reach perfection, the world will be restored in no time." Today even science confirms that power of True Love and Living for the Sake of Others.


Once person's Heart develops to the resonance of Growth Stage (300 to 400), he co-resonates with the spiritual realm of Paradise. At that stage he is willing (resonance of 300), he accepts (resonance of 350) to follow and practice the Truth, reaching to the resonance of Reason (resonance of 400) where his mind works free. Read the Power of Thinking. Here the love is pure and beautiful, but not enough mature to overcome temptations. In the Completion Age we have to go beyond that, creating the world of Ideal Families, leaving for the sake of the greater good.
"The unselfish way of life is to think beyond ourselves and our family and live for the greater purpose of the nation and the world." Sun Myung Moon


When our spirit is on Formation Stage (resonance of 50 to 200). This resonance connects us to the Middle Spirit World. It's immature - child state. Children have not yet developed their spiritual mind, so they depend on the loving environment, security and protection of their parents. Otherwise they easily go into a state of fear, doubts or get angry at each other for small things. Parental care and protection in the atmosphere of love and trust are crucial for raising the child safely to the next level of growth. At that stage they are still immature and get easily influenced by the emotional surrounding.

The problem comes when one is stuck on that level even when he grows up. He will be emotionally influenced and unstable. Such people may think of themselves as very heartistic. They easily enter in intimate sharing of gossips. That's only possible at such low resonance and will lead them down towards negative resonance and resentments. For this reason, intrigues and conflicts are unavoidable if we are not elevated to a higher resonance. Meaning, only love and care can help people grow. Punishment and control will only push them further down.

In such state people's hearts are twisted and evil. They feel joy of gossiping, insensitive to the pain of those they hurt. Yet, they feel amazing compassion for the fallen natures of those around them, thus stimulating it, supporting and protecting it; Very humanistic, relativistic heart. You can understand that there is strong spiritual influence behind all this process. They are not conscious of what their actions will produce. The common base is the same heart resonance with spirits of that level. Read Games People Play in the Family, to see where all that leads.

According to the Unification Family Therapy, "humanistic philosophy, denying any universal vertical standards stood as an obstacle... The more humanistic love expended in society the more social problems and disappointment in love we gained. 

As Rev. Moon says, “Without the vertical axis, you can’t have the human horizontal love.” The next stage of Heart Resonance, rises to some emotional stability, by developing the ability to reason correctly what's right and wrong. Which leads out of the immature state of relativism.


Every time you raise your frequency you automatically elevate the frequency of the people you think or pray of. God is the source of love, but he needs objects, ready to channel his love in this world. Rev. Moon dedicated his whole life, trying to bring love in this world; investing in breaking all satanic borders with the power of true love.
COMMENT: True love feels like a magnetic field connected to God and True Parents. Everyone we come in contact with is connected to us and connects to Prue Parents who are one with God. 
Sending good intentions and good thoughts when someone is in need of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental help is more important than you might realize. In a universe where everything is energy, your thoughts and intentions can, and do, influence matter.


Spiritual Heart: Heart Resonance of CIG
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  1. Beautifully explained. This is exactly what home church was supposed to become...a global factory for enlightenment and true love.


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