Approaching the Spiritual: Keshe''s Plasma Science & Transitional Mater

Plasma Science: New World

With the arrival of the Second Advent science has developed immensely in the 20th century. Yet, from 2012, with the start of the new age of the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity (CIG), science moved to a higher level, approaching the spiritual and preparing the environment for the realization of God's Ideal. 

Plasma, the most common state of matter in the universe, 
exhibits complex and rich physics phenomena, including 

waves, turbulence, and interactions with materials; Usable 

in numerous applications where control is needed or

sources of energy.
Science Approaching the Spiritual

Science until now considered that what we can't measure does not exist. This led to separation between science and spirituality. Plasma science combines both of these worlds. The entire universe is made up of magnetical giving and gravitational taking fields.

This new technology gives us ability to balance body and soul. Because everything is made up of fields, including our emotions - this simple technology easily processes the root of your disease. Working on many field levels it helps restore the natural balance in you body.

There are more than 200 subject areas in plasma science and technology and nearly 100 applications. Read Rev. Moon's instructions on how scientists can study the spirit world and transform our physical life. Read also, Science INCREASING CASE FOR GOD: Intelligent Design

Plasma Science: Transitional Mater   

Our knowledge in Physics comes from high-energy particle experiments, but scientists overlooked a lot of other phenomena, like psychic connections, that cannot be explained by that model. But now science can and is studying these phenomena. The new quantum science and plasma science, made that possible.
"Just like visible light represents a very tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, electron vibration represents a very tiny fraction of the energy spectrum – the energy spectrum being plasma itself." Keshe Foundation
Plasma is defined by Keshe Foundation as the entire content field which accumulates and creates matter and it's not defined by it's physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Research found that cells membrane works like antenna to the field information. "Our identity is not within our biology, our identity is a part of the field. Our biology downloads this information from the field." (See 2nd video)

Plasma science now understands how to convert matter back to the fields. 

Scientist found exactly what The Divine Principle explains, "Every plasma has both; give and take (pull and repulse) and always searches to find the place of balance". Atoms release and absorb such magnetic or gravitational fields. Released fields are available for their objects.

Now is discovered how to gather these fields of transitional matter from the environment and use them.

Nano coated metals interact in salt-water solution and create gravitational fields. These field attracts available elements to form a specific substance full with energized molecules (like small suns) that can be used for various applications, including free energy and easy healing.

New Level of Healing

Studies show that emotion is at the heart of most illnesses. Once these destructive emotions are changed, following this, changes in the physical body occur. So it's not about curing the body, but balancing it; bringing it to a balanced state where disease cannot exist. This means, you can achieve complete emotional and physical balance in relatively short time.

"Since God blessed man to be the dominator of all things (Gen. 1:28), men of perfected individuality should have subdued the natural world through highly developed science, and established an extremely pleasant social environment on earth. This would be the place where the ideal of creation would be realized. It would be nothing other than the Kingdom of Heaven on earth." DP: Consummation of Human History

In 2012 scientists revealed freely to humanity more than 300 ways how to improve human life and solve global problems using Quantum - gravitational plasma methods to provide FREE ENERGY, FREE HEALING, without medical chemistry; FREE FAST FLYING with incredible speed... amazing future in Cheon Il Gook. Read more...

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