Quantum Sensitivity & Spiritual Sensitivity

Our Quantum Sensitivity

Our spiritual sensitivity has to be developed in our physical life. Sensitivity to the quantum energy connects us to the spirit world

YuliUTS / 2017 / Unification Family Therapy

Back in 1985, Father already explained that "research on the frequency" will "enable contact with the spirit world." He said, that "The motions in the spirit world are all made up of vibrations.", which soon science will be able to measure and research. He even gave them instructions on how to create machine and measure these spiritual frequency. 

In his words, "if we delve into this area, a world of new dimensions will be found" and we will "enter the age where the unknown spirit world can be rationally understood". Through new quantum research all this had already happened.

Nikola Tesla once said that if we can influence those frequencies electronically, we can directly stimulate the entire body and mental system of humankind. Father was giving instructions for creating such machines, but only in the last 10 year we see boom in research of frequency; we see diagnostics and ways of healing, beyond everything we knew in the past. And as someone recently told me, we can observe even the way the evil spirits work in the body. 

Our Sensitivity to Vibrations

When we come down to quantum level, everything is energy. We a living in a universe pulsing in advance harmonics of vibrations. Each of your physical senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touch) exist, because everything in the universe is vibrating. Your physical senses are reading the vibrations and giving you sensory perception of the vibrations.

At the very core of our being we should vibrate - in the state of perfection - in vibrational balance and harmony. Through these new scientific findings we now begin to understand vibrations in the way we are projecting them.

Your emotions are one of the most important physical vibrational interpreters; giving you constantly feedback of the harmonics of your current thoughts, or vibrations; as they compare to the harmonics of your core vibrational state - your Heart.

The Vibrations of our Heart

We all, without studying, feel the difference between harmony and discord in our hearts. When you learn to consciously utilize your emotional - vibrational indicators, you gain control over what you are creating and projecting.

Studies show, that our hearts tune to different resonance, in the same way a radio tunes into the various stations. Tuning our heart frequency to lower (selfish) or higher (unselfish) resonance will change our spiritual and physical state and health. As Rev. Moon says:

"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness." - Father On Spiritual Help

I have the ability to feel any resonance in and around people. Actually we all do, just I became aware of it when I opened my subconscious. That allows me to scan and sense any negative energy causing problems. I can easily alter it to the correct resonance and heal many problems. As Father says:

"God’s existence is not just a matter of words.. He rules over all our senses and over everything to do with us.. because God exists, you must be able to feel His existence with your cells. Reaching that state is what matters." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.54

To express what I see and experienced visiting different levels in the spirit world I got interest in Quantum Research; especially in Quantum Healing. It helped me find the terminology and explanations to convey my practical knowledge in understandable for the audience way. Father talked of how important it is to cultivate our sensibility to the heart:

"The sensibility of our spirit man is to be cultivated.. during physical life on earth.. Only when a person reaches perfection and is totally immersed in the love of God while on earth can he fully delight in the love of God as a spirit after his death." DP Creation p.49

The way I sense the spiritual reality.. the way I'm able to communicate with the spirit world, is through sensing their hearts and God's Heart. Every cell of my body resonates and perceives information.

".. the spirit man can feel and perceive everything in the invisible world.. reflected and echoed in the physical man.. man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.” DP 62: Structure of the Spirit Man

In the following chart we see how from the Heart, through the functions of Intellect, Emotion and Will is generated some pre-energy (Quantum energy) that expands and influences the reality. Meaning, our thoughts, feelings and actions leave some Quantum trace in the environment. The lower the resonance, the more heavy material energy - connected to the Physical Mind; The higher the resonance, the more light spiritual energy - connected to our Spirit Mind. In a way, it represents our transition from physical beings unto spiritual beings of light, connected to God.

  • Resonance of Heart; waves, frequencies, vibrations, rhythm.. quantum analysis chart.

This chart represents very well the gradation in the development of our Hearts and sensitivity to God's Heart. The 3 stages of Heart can be very clearly distinguished and defined; 

Formation:  Emotional (Absorbing-still immature, unstable, relative norms; Object), 
Growth:       Rational (Developing -learning vertical norms and principles), 
Perfection:  Heart (Completion-channel for God's Love and Will)

A child learns sensitivity to heart first through physical intimacy (absorbing the emotional surrounding) and gradually develops it's own ability to give higher and higher love. Parental love and protection are crucial for the child not to sink into the physical mind (animal like) mindset; thus getting stuck under the physical mind for life.

"When you are giving the true love of God.. should feel, "My love can melt even the biggest man".. That is the way I live my life. I want to embrace the entire world and every kind of person, even the most disagreeable one. Love conquers all and nothing can displace or overthrow it." TF, Spiritual Guidance on Repentance and Forgiveness

How did I determine different levels to the formation, growth, or completion stage? I observed the spirits from all these levels - what resonance they have, how they behave, how the shift is made from level to level. Science measures the resonance of the feelings, we don't need a guess work on that. Science will measure the precise numbers, but we have to understand the principles behind. Since now we live in a the age after CIG (Completion Stage is open), many can now freely have that sensitivity.


This is a mass phenomenon now. You see many different healers using quantum science to explain their methods. Now even DNA research shows what a perfect individual will be.  Restoring our spiritual sensitivity is part of the restoration of the First Blessing. Father says:

"I hope that you will open your five spiritual senses as quickly as possible so that you may clearly perceive how the providence of Heaven unfolds.... bear in mind that the providential timetable, which proceeds according to an absolute standard, will not wait for you indefinitely." Father, Peace Message

I sense the quantum energy used by the spirits to influence us. I see where and how they work in the body. With the help of Dae Mo Nim and many other high spirits I started understanding all this process. In short, I was guided to observe every level of the Physical Mind, how it's influenced, how it's subjugated, how is pushed constantly to go against the Spiritual Mind. And I got 100 day education in the spirit world on how to be able to resist and liberate that.

"If there had been no fall, earthly people would be able to relate with spirits just as naturally as they relate among themselves." Divine Principle p. 135 

This knowledge is very practical. It helps solve problems; relational, spiritual... increase results in FR and WT, stop Gossiping and other problems; Teach the leaders how to deal with all that by themselves. It's so helpful to see how to practice DP from spiritual perspective.

"Spiritual leader cannot do their work without having spiritual experiences.. Is God in the midst of those books?. God dwells in a mysterious spiritual realm, you have to connect with Him through the Holy Spirit." - Father

It's so easy for me, because I see what causes these problems. If there is something I don't understand I can always ask and the answer automatically comes. That's how it works in the spirit world. But if I don't have the foundation to understand, than they will train me, give me more experiences until I can understand how it works.

Many Unificationist today have reached the state where we can communicate with our inner self and the spirit world. The good spirit world always protects me.. giving me information only in a way that leads to love.. never to scare me... never to make me negative to someone or something. They are very careful with that. I don't even have to open my spirit senses, I sense the spiritual reality and God's reaction with every particle of my existence. Divine Principle explains that:

“When.. the spirit man becomes a divine spirit.. the spirit man can feel and perceive everything in the invisible world. Since all the spiritual phenomena thus perceived by the spirit man are reflected and echoed in the physical man, presenting themselves as physical phenomena, man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.” DP 62: Structure of the Spirit Man

This is the benefit of the age; when mind and body unity is possible and easy; When support from the absolutely good spirit world is so available.


Father said, soon scientists will create machines to see how and where the spirits work in the body. Now this is a fact.

A Russian scientist was  "the inventor of the first camera, that can see deep into the human aura energy field and information bed." It is called GDV. The computer software reads the date the GDV provides. They can see brakes in the energy field, sign of damaged organs and changes in the field due to higher states of consciousness. Now there are more and newer similar machines.

For example, Quantum Analyzes measure any resonance in the body... each organ, each feeling, each bacteria (has distinct resonance)... each destructive energy. The scan of the whole body takes just 2 minutes. The newest of these machines can even send resonance to heal, balance and alter these resonances... destroy concrete bacteria or parasites.

Now that's so easy. But that's quantum energy is the energy that holds evil spirits stuck in the body. We ourselves have the sensitivity to feel it and alter it without machine. I can scan any person from any distance, no machine needed. The good part is, you can program the computer to show you all these things in the body, every organ, every cell... observe what's wrong, liberate and correct it.

Our benefit is, that we know the Principle and Unification Thought. Based on this data we can observe and block any work of the evil spirits working in the body. I do have so much insight on UT that is not easy to condense in one article. It's easier for me to explain these things in life lectures.. very practical information on how to grow spiritually, how to relate with the spirit world, how to help them, how to solve family problems. I did several such, very successful WS and hope to gradually systematize all this into a book that all members can use.

Father's instructions to Scientists

In 1985 Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, instructed a group of scientist on how to "research the frequency," which will "enable contact with the spirit world". Based on this, quantum analyzers were developed and special studies were held on people with special spiritual abilities, that resulted in producing the above charts of Heart Resonance and full understanding of the process of spiritual healing:

"Science is now highly advanced. I asked them to do research on the frequency that enables contact with the spirit world. The motions in the spirit world are all made up of vibrations. I instructed them to research this because we have entered an age where the existence of the spirit world can be scientifically proven. This can be done by discovering the frequency of vibrations used by spiritualists when they contact the spirit world. After I gave a full explanation about the spirit world to them, their eyes were wide open with surprise. That is why, yesterday, I explained in what manner the psychological process is related to the physical and spirit worlds. It is said that the psyche puts into effect an absolute force.. Electricity is created through the interaction between plus and minus.. it is the same phenomenon, when force is manifested by the plus and minus within that circle of relationship. Therefore, if we delve into this area, a world of new dimensions will be found. When we enter the age where the unknown spirit world can be rationally understood, the age of religion will be brought to an end. It would be an age where humankind would believe in God even if they were told not to. This is a great task." (Father, 1985.7.20) CSG p.919

As Rev. Moon instructed, scientists measured the energy and waves in healers, as you see in this movie. Here is one interesting finding: Average people work at 30 to 100 mV. People with depression or other disorder are in the range of 5 - 9 mV. Yet, supper athletes train to rise their millivoltage to get their nervous system up to 2000 mV. Your body is a radio output-receiver. You need to increase your level of energy to be able to correctly interact with the universe. Read, How the Brain Works


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